This article is to inform the visitors of Xeretando how we treat the personal information sent to us, by e-mail or comments in our posts. We dispose how are treated the information received by publicity partners of the site and also the use of our content.


Content administrated and received by Xeretando

  1. None personal information of our guests is commercialized and/or exchanged with third parties. The data provided by our guests in any way of contact, are sent to any other.
  2. We also don’t use the data, as e-mail, to distribute messages not solicitated and/or in large scale. The e-mail of our users are not stored in lists and we just enter in contact for answer doubts and/ or thank visit/contact/help/information and just once.
  3. Just the comments in posts are visible for all visitors of the blog. The comments are previously moderated.


Third parties content

Blog Xeretando is a participant of the Associated Program of

This is how Amazon treats the shared content:


Site content

All of our texts are write by me and information acquired in other places  or quotes will have the source informed.

Images with the identification of Blog Xeretando were produced by me or are editions of imagens with free use obtain in sites such as Pixabay.

The use of texts or images produced by Xeretando are allowed if you inform the source and the link of the site where you got them.

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