For those who doesn’t know what is and how works a news feed (I just found out now) I will try to clarify so you can take benefit from it.

Feed or Feed RSS (The initials can be translated as RDF Site SummaryReally Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a file that stores the link of the website and the summary, or the entire content of your news. This file must be read by a reading RSS service.

Sometimes by clicking in the feed icon you be directed to a page with the feed source code. But don’t worry, all you have to do is copy the page link and add to your feed reader. In my blog Xeretando, you will be directed to a feed reader, SpecificFeeds. In this page you can choose to receive the postings by email, cell phone or copy the address and, as I explained previously, add it to another reader.

So, what is the advantage of all this? The usefulness is that you can follow all your favorite blogs or news sites from one place, getting updates of the posts. Feedly, for example, also allows you to organize your subscriptions, see the posts of the day and save some to read later. It’s possible to install a reader in the Chrome toolbar, like the RSS feed Reader.

Did you liked? So pick a reader and add the Xeretando feed:


Do you want to check out the feeds I mentioned? Here are the links:



RSS Feed Reader

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