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Wich TV show got a hold on you by the trailer? I was going to continue some of the three shows I’m watching but Netflix didn’t allowed and I pressed play right in the suggestion 😁 Le Chalet is a French Netflix original about a reunion of a group of friends in their home Village that starts with many disasters and odd events. Maybe some misunderstanding from the past lead to revenge? It’s anyone from the group responsible?


The trailer got a hold on me and the show made me do a marathon. Le Chalet deserves an 8! The plot assures a good thriller and a nice unpuzzle while it is developed in three different time lines. The meeting, where a sliding isolate the village people and someone threats their lives; 20 years before, when a family hosted in the chalet went missing and sometime after the meeting when a survivor is interviewed. One of the catchphrases I saw for the show was about it being the meeting of Stephen King and Agatha Christie. A little pretentious I guess, but the show is good enough to catch your attention and assure good moments, besides the actors are very good.

I would say the got two flops, and the show could have been even better. One, was a revelation too soon related to a character. The other, an explanation from something in the past that was a little fragile. But any of these compromised the show, the plot is believable and has good surprises. There are just 6 episodes and I thought the ending was good, maybe has a moral conflict but I believe it was a good choice given the circumstances. I don’t want to give many details or it would be a spoiler, right?

Have you seen it? Did you have the same impression as I have? What did you think about the ending? I would like to hear other opinions!

If you haven’t watched and like a thriller I do recommend 😉

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