Curiosity: Wilhelm scream

Have you noticed that in many movies there is a very peculiar scream? The Wilhelm scream is a sound effect that’s been used in many movies and TV shows as an internal joke! The name was given because of Wilhelm, a character in the movie The Charge at Feather River (1953). After beeing hit by an arrow, the character gives the iconic scream.

Adaptation of Greg Willians Cartoon.


Despite named after Wilhelm the scream was used for the first time in the movie Distant Drums (1951) when a cowboy its eaten alive by an alligator.

Scene from Distant Drums.

The scream shows up in all tipe of productions, since Indiana Jones movies, Star Wars, Kill Bill until Disney animations like Toy Story! And yes, apparently its used the very same audio from the original movie. It’s hilarious after you know it and identifies this easter egg.

Since this post is about curiosities, easter eggs may be define according to Galileu Magazine as:

“Objects and special characters that you didn’t notice when watching for the first time (…) it’s used to refer to small surprises and secrets hidden in some scenes of movies and videogames.”

Getting back to Wilhelm scream, it’s likely to have come to live by the voice of actor and singer Sheb Wooley that appeared in a memo as an extra voice in Distant Drums. Sheb is known for  “Purple People Eater“. It’s a 1985 hit so is no surprise I never heard of it 😁, and you?

Adaptation of Greg Willians Cartoon.

Are you going to be able to identify this scream in the movies? I guess there is no way to mistake it!

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