Quick-Tip: Re:Zero

My Rem fan art, my favorite character from the anime Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World. A fantasy anime with magic creatures, malign cults, action, thriller and a boy willing to give his life many times to save his new friends.

I recommend! It is available in Crunchyroll platform, that allows you to watch for free with some ads. Check it out now in your PC or install the app in your PlayStation.

The anime is based in a series of light novels and a kind of sketch of the story is available online, cool right?! The books are being translated to English and a tip to spend less if you are not in USA is buy it in the digital version on Amazon.

For now is just available the first season, not least all the published books in Japanese have been adapted into the anime. A second season then, should take a while, but there are good chances of it happens since the story made success and its materials had good sales.

Even with a distant second season it worth having fun with the first one, considering that some of the events get to a closure. So dive in this amazing world with Subaru and discover the mysteries that wraps his new life and try to find a way that leads to victory over evil.

Rem, lovely even furious, don’t you agree?

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