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Finally is coming out today one more Quick Tip, this time I’m going to talk about an anime I just finished watching, HighSchool Of the Dead, or H.O.T.D. The plot of the anime is a kind of Walking Dead with a teenager cast and a little bit of sensuality. The scenario is a typical post-apocalyptic world where some kind of epidemic changes people into zombies. In my opinion, the anime is Shounen and Ecchi. Didn’t understand a thing? These are some of the classifications given to Japanese animes and they are gender based, feminine or masculine, or based in the interest of the target public of the production. This classification also applies to mangas.   The categories can have sub-genres, like action, scientific fiction, comedy, just like the movies and TV shows.

Here it go a resume of the classifications, so you won’t be lost reading a technical information of an anime:

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Getting back to H.O.T.D., the season is really short. Just like many animes, it has only 12 episodes and the duration follows the usual pattern of 20 minutes each one.

As I mentioned before, and now everyone will understand, the anime has shounen and ecchi characteristics, but it can also pleases the female audience, since the girls likes animes with fight scenes and zombies. For me, the sensual nuance were expendable, buts is not a big deal. Actually, thinking more about it, maybe these features of the anime has an important paper of making it more fun.

The story of the anime is not much complex, I think the focus is in action scenes, the sensual girls and a pinch of humor. I liked a lot of the characters, there is the group leader and also the target of the girl’s attention; the nerd that reveals himself a gun specialist; a skillful kendo fighter; a cute child, among another.

Takashi and Rei illustrating some of the characteristics of the anime I talked about.

Takashi and Rei illustrating some of the characteristics of the anime I talked about.

Another point I liked a lot in the show is the songs. Instead of having just the opening and closing soundtrack, the anime has a different song at the end of all the episodes, and the lyrics are very creative. In truth, the songs is something that attracts me in many animes, I liked the songs in Sailormoon, Madoka (other anime I want to talk about in here soon), loved the ones in Sakurako…

If you want to check it out, You Tube has a compilation of all the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any video with subtitles, but the episodes have all of them, don’t worry.

The show was exhibit in 2010 and was based in the first 5 volumes of the manga with the same name. The manga has 7 volumes and since 2013 is in hiatus, that means its production has stopped. One interesting fact is that the volumes has a full color edition, that must be very beautiful.

With this long pause, the chances of a second season are low. But it worth watching? Yes! The plot has nothing vital to be solved, it’s not like a cop show where the cancellation left you without knowing the author of the crime or what happens with some victim. Of course and ending with a more stable situation in the middle of the apocalypse would be nice and the door was open for the rest of the adventure, but you can watch and have a good time only with the episodes produced.

Further than manga 6 and 7, you can also check a little more of the characters in the crossover manga of the same illustrator, Shouji Sato, called “Shōji Sato Artworks: Highschool of the Dead & Triage X – Lightning Pop  that mixtures his characters of Triage X (work he also wrote) with the ones from H.O.T.D. (wrote for Daisuke Satō).

In the screen, you can also see the character again in the OVA launched in 2011, set in a desert island where an unused and crazy situation takes place. The episode is the more exaggerated in the dose of ecchi, but at the same time everything is really comic, so it all gets well balanced. I thought the OVA closed the story in a better way. It’s not that it brings much more information, but it materialized what I had imagined as the future through the comments of little Alice in the end of the episode.

OVA scene. Found Takashi falling from the coconut tree?

OVA scene. Found Takashi falling from the coconut tree?

Let’s check another small glossary:

Crossover: literary technique of mixture and interaction of characters, scenarios or facts of different nucleus that has no previous relation.

OVA: Original Video Animation, is an animation format that consists in anime episodes launched directly in the video market without previous exhibition in TV or movies theaters. OVA functions as complement or spin offs of the original stories. Usually the duration is equal or a little more extensive that a standard TV anime and has superior quality.

The show and its OVA are available at Netflix.

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Post card with some members of the group. The end of the episodes always have a wall full of them.

Post card with some members of the group. The end of the episodes always have a wall full of them.

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