The animes and the bones of Sakurako-san

Since my debut post was about a manga I will continue in the Japanese culture and talk a little about animes and more specifically about Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation.

When we talk about animes we usually think about the cartoons made in Japan. Instead, for the Japaneses anime can be any cartoon.

If you ever watched an anime (I’m sure the boys have seen Pokemon or Naruto and the girls remember of Sailor Moon or Sakura Card Captors) you must have notice its main features:

– characters with big defined eyes, with much shine and color;

– explicit demonstration of feelings through facial expressions and other resources like onomatopoeia and symbols (a drop of water in the forehead of the character for example, can represent embarrassment ).

Anime expressions by gracey88

Anime expressions provided by gracey88.

These features are shared with mangas and in the same way of them, there are animes that bring various themes and that are made for public of different ages. Notice then that anime is not a genre of cartoon?

Here in my country (Brazil) it’s not much common the exhibition of animes with adult themes in TV, but in sites like Crunchyroll you can find many options and I’m sure one of them will pleases you!

Another thing that varies a lot is the size of animes. This goes from just one season that has usually 12 episodes, up to never ending, like One Piece that is in episode number 752. And no, I didn’t write it wrong!

Among so many options I will help you and suggest one of the animes I saw recently and enjoyed a lot. In English it was translated as Beautiful Bones-Sakurako’s Investigation, but the name in Japanese (Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru) literally means “A body is buried underneath Sakurako’s feet”.

As the name suggests, the bones has an important part in the show, for the main character, Sakurako, is a beautiful young girl with a passion for them. A little weird, right? In truth, she is an osteologist, a specialist in bones that have as a hobby to find, assemble and study them. In her searches for new skeletons, Sakurako is helped by her friend and assistant Shotaro and they always get themselves involved in mystery situations where the scientific knowledge of Sakurako and also her deductive skills get in action to help the police.

Sakurako-san. Image from

Sakurako-san. Image from

Shotaru and Sakurako are very different characters that start a friendship trough the episodes. He is a young student, very pleasant, responsible and sensible. Sakurako already graduated in school and has a little difficult personality; she’s very serious and reserved.

Most of the episodes has a story, a kind of crime thriller, that is presented and solved; like and old lady missing, the circumstances that involve the death of a body they found or the reason why a teacher has kept human bones.

The anime is not too dark. In truth, the way they show death, how it affects family and what it represents to them, it’s very interesting, and we can say the stories have a happy ending. I would say the anime has a good combination of suspense, drama and a little bit of comedy that made the show light and got my attention.

Some stories are richer than others are, but in general, I thought the anime got better through the episodes. I also liked the characters, the main and the secondary that are recurrent along the show.

The cartoon photography is great, just like the opening theme and closing of the episodes. I just loved the song of the credits, if you want check it out here  YouTube.

Sakurako-san. Image from

Sakurako-san. Image from

About the story, I think if I write more it will lose all the fun, just like those huge movie trailers that already shows everything that happens.

Talking then about technical aspects, the anime has 12 episodes and each one last about 24 minutes, just like most animes. Really short right? It’s good that you can watch in a brief resting time along your day.

Unfortunately, even with lose ends in one of the secondary plots and with many people anxious to see more episodes of the couple Shotaro and Sakurako, a second season it’s not yet confirmed, so sad! But I think it is still possible the release of a continuation. If you watched and want to see the updates about a new season the site Release-date promises to inform you.

If you want to watch it here is the link of the site Crunchyroll where you can see the episodes online, if you have PlayStation (3 or 4) you can access it from there too, just like Netflix.

That’s all for today! And you, already a fan of any anime? Did you know or intend to watch Beautiful Bones? Tell us in the comments. Until next time.

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