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Welcome to my Blog! I decided to translate my posts to english in the hope of reach more people. I will begin this section of English posts talking about the last manga I read, Magic Knight Rayearth 1.

If you think manga is a comic book for children, I must say you are wrong! This japanese panels pleases a varied public and there are stories made for boys, girls and adults. Inside this segmentation, we can also find different genres that goes from fiction to romance. In Japan, almost everyone reads manga. The stories are published by chapters in almanacs that usually are made from recycled paper and are threw away after they are read (really? ūüėģ ). After the almanacs, the entire story is published again in a collectible form known as tankobon, the way we usually see it in the occident. Speaking about this, the first manga published in Brazil had an occidental way of reading, but today we found everything as in the originals, where the pages (considering our way of seeing it) is read from back to front. However, do not worry if you forget about this, before accidentally reading the end of the story there will be a page alerting that you are doing it the wrong way. There will be also instructions about the reading order of the panels and the dialog boxes.

Let’s get back to Magic Knight, it was publishes in 1994 by CLAMP, a ladies group of mangakás (japanese word for comic artist). This group is known by their rich and labored art and they are responsible for other famous mangas as Sakura Card Captors. I really thought the art of this manga is very beautiful, as you can see below in a small selection I made. I also found very funny the chubby miniatures of the characters that appears many times. The drawings are very detailed, and sometimes, this gets a little confused, since the manga is in black and white, making me take some seconds to understand one panel.

Panel Migic knight

Scenes extracted from my manga : )

I agree with opinions that say this manga art, or even CLAMP art, is made for female public, but that the story also pleases men. After all, the plot is not romantic as Sailor Moon, a very popular manga in which teenagers transform into heroines that represents the moon and planets.

In my opinion, Magic Knight brings more action than Sailor Moon, or at least the fights and adventures are more elaborated. So, talking a little more about the story, it revolves around three Tokio girls, Hikaru, Umi e Fuu that are summoned by princess Emeraude to become the legendary magic warriors that will save her world. Following along with the warriors is Mokona, a fluffy creature that only says ‚ÄúPuu‚ÄĚ, but has many magic abilities. The plot has a lot of humor, battles that require intelligence to win and weapons that evolve. Some of these characteristics seems to be inspired in RPG (Role Playing Games) and must be responsible for the male interest.

Manga Magic Knight

Cover of my manga : )

The manga series is made of 6 volumes and has been transported to TV and to videogames too.

For those that got interested I recommend to buy the manga at Amazon site. I believe it’s easier to find all the mangas in good condition at a virtual store. Mangas have a fixed price but it’s possible to find it on sale.

If anyone wants to check out the anime too I recommend watching with japanese with subtitles. I believe that dubbing takes away big part of the fun that for me is hearing the japanese language, with its characteristics intonations and learning a little of the idiom.

So tell me, do you already knew Magic Knight? Did you become interested? Leave your comment! I finish today with my fan art, Puu, Puu…

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